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The location

The hotel-restaurant La Brace in 2009 received the recognition of "historical place" by the Lombardy Region. The old part of the complex was built in 1820 and recently restored maintaining the original rustic style enhanced by a harmonious taste. Surrounded by green lawns and the spectacular Alps, it has all the atmosphere to relive the nineteenth-century.


The structure is well-finished in every detail and the various rooms preserve the authenticity of the ancient court, creating a warm and charming atmosphere. The rooms, used for parties, are very large, bright and can be organized for any kind of occasion: from the traditional wedding party to the modern one, with many “islands of flavors”. We can accommodate banquets up to 400 people.

The garden

The guests will be welcomed in one of our gardens for a typical aperitif-buffet with the best local products, or for an elegant cocktail party with finger-food: everything according to your tastes. The anticipation of the Bride and the Groom will be a moment of pleasant conversations for the guests, in a characteristic place like the garden of the swallows in the courtyard or the roof garden on the top floor, overlooking the small villages around.