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Our history

The oldest part of the complex La Brace was built in 1820 by the Counts Guicciardi from Milan to use it as a farm. In 1851 Angelo Cattaneo, trustee of the counts, began the activity of this place as a trattoria in 30 square meters, in addition to 20 square meters for the bar and 5 rooms.

When the counts established it as a post with restaurant service, lodging and stabling, the family Cattaneo ran the activity. Virginio in 1910, son of Angelo, bought the property and began with his wife Leopolda to promote the work of the old restaurant with horses transport service.

In the fifties, the grandson of Angelo, Aristide built new accommodations and decided to bring on the table the products of his land. In 1971 Virginio (Gino), took over this family-run business, continuing the traditions, and introducing the idea of cooking on the grill. Because of the success, in a very short time, the activity was identified by the still-used name La Brace.

In 1978, Gino began the gradual restoration of the farmhouse and stables, keeping intact the rustic atmosphere and adding all the elements of today comfort. This harmony has transformed the old agricultural structure in a welcoming environment.

The structure

The noble farmhouse, with its stables and its courts, has been gradually restored and transformed into a welcoming and characteristic environment with the charm of the nineteenth-century. The restaurant La Brace was recognized “Historical Activity” by the Lombardy Region and has received the certification of social responsibility by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Valtellina corner

(X)A collection of tastes collects all the Valtellina fragrances, aromas and flavors.
The Tastes of Tradition, local products of excellence: honey, pizzoccheri, Bitto cheese (under the protection of Slow Food), polenta, bresaola.
Wines and Spirits: the renowned wines from the best cellars of Valtellina, grappa, traditional bitters and liqueurs.(X)

Typical products

We believe that the typical food and wine products help to preserve the historical memory of our culture and represent the continuity of genuine taste to be passed down from generation to generation.